Statement by Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the Three-way Summit and other summit meetings

June 5, 2003

  1. I welcome the fact that the momentum for resuming dialogue for peace has been created through the Three-Way Summit Meeting on June 4 and the US-Arab Summit meeting on June 3 which demonstrated the active engagement for peace by the United States, which holds the key to facilitate peace in the Middle East, the mutual approach towards promoting peace from both the Israeli and Palestinian sides, and cooperation from the neighboring Arab countries.

  2. Japan has appealed that it is important to promote Middle East peace through the visit of Prime Minister Koizumi to the Middle East and that of myself, and highly values these outcomes as an important step toward ending the vicious circle of violence and toward achieving Middle East peace.

  3. I believe that both the Israeli and Palestinian sides, without missing this opportunity for achieving peace, would immediately implement the "Roadmap," and that the Palestinian side would exercise enhanced efforts for cracking down on the extremists and ending the violence, and that the Israeli side would take measures to end the settlement activities, to improve the humanitarian conditions of the Palestinians and to withdraw from the Palestinian territories. Japan, on its part, will facilitate the efforts from both the Palestinian and Israeli sides for peace through confidence-building measures for resuming the negotiation between the two sides, humanitarian assistance, and assistance for reform efforts by the Palestinians.

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