Assistance for Rehabilitation of Schools in Mongolia by the Trust Fund for Human Security

May 27, 2003

  1. On May 27 (Tuesday), the Government of Japan and the United Nations (UN) decided to extend a total of 504,563.01-dollar assistance through the Trust Fund for Human Security to a project "Rehabilitation of Boarding Schools and Provision of Refresher Training Course for Headmasters and Teachers in the Dzud*-affected Gobi Desert Provinces in Mongolia". This project will be implemented by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

  2. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of education in Mongolia by providing safe learning environments and living conditions for all children. The project will cover three provinces, Dundgobi, Bayankhongor, and Zavkhan, where severe natural disasters struck recently. Activities include rehabilitation of boarding schools, training of headmasters and teachers, and development of training material on educational psychology and counseling.

  3. This project is expected to improve the quality of education provided to students by raising teachers' motivation, confidences, and commitment to their profession.

    * Dzud: natural disaster affecting livestock caused by severe winter conditions

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