Statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi, on the Announcement of the "Roadmap"

May 1, 2003

  1. I welcome the presentation of the "Roadmap" to peace in the Middle East, which shows an itinerary towards the peaceful coexistence of the two states of Israel and Palestine.

  2. As I urged both the Israeli and Palestinian sides during my visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, I hope they will immediately implement the "Roadmap" without missing this perfect opportunity for peace and step forward toward it.

  3. The Government of Japan will continue urging both Israelis and Palestinians to make efforts for the peace and at the same time will extend cooperation proactively to realize peace in the Middle East through the steady implementation of the assistance package I had recently announced, which comprises pillars of cooperation in humanitarian assistance, and for reform and confidence-building.

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