Special Envoys of the Prime Minister on Iraq Issue

February 27, 2003

  1. The Government of Japan, in recognition that the recent draft resolution tabled to the UN Security Council by the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain is part of the truly final diplomatic pressures for a peaceful solution of the Iraq issue, has decided to dispatch the following envoys of the Prime Minister to Iraq and the neighboring countries next week to pursue a peaceful solution of the Iraq issue and exchange views on peace and stability in the Middle East, and it will begin coordination with the governments of those countries on these visits.
    (1)Mr. Taro Nakayama, former Minister for Foreign Affairs, to Turkey and Syria
    (2)Mr. Masahiko Koumura, former Minister for Foreign Affairs, to Egypt and Saudi Arabia
    (3)Mr. Toshimitsu Motegi, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, to Jordan and Iraq
  2. (1)Japan intends to strongly urge Iraq to respond immediately to the final opportunity given by UN Security Council resolution 1441, and in order to achieve a peaceful solution, dissolve suspicions voluntarily and proactively, abide by all the relevant security council resolutions, including the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, and reconsider its position.

    (2)Japan will exchange views with the neighboring countries of Iraq on the regional situation, focusing on the Iraq issue, in which it will request them to take a further approach to Iraq from the standpoint that the international community must be united and cooperate in responding to the issue and demonstrate its resolute stance toward Iraq.

  3. On the issue of a peace in the Middle East, the Government of Japan will also dispatch special envoy for Peace in the Middle East, Dr. Tatsuo Arima to Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian territories next week to exchange views on the Middle East peace process, with the recognition that its progress is extremely important in promoting a comprehensive diplomatic effort for the peace and stability of the Middle East as a whole.

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