Telephone Call made by Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi to Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr Seyyed Kamal Kharrazi

December 29, 2003

On December 29 (Mon), Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi made a telephone call to Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr Seyyed Kamal Kharrazi. The conversation started at about 18:25 Japan time and continued about 10 minutes.

  1. Minister Kawaguchi expressed deep sorrow for the many victims of the earthquake disaster in Bam, Province of Kerman. She said that Japan, which suffered heavily from the huge earthquakes in Hanshin area in 1995 with heavy toll of human lives, understands pains and sorrow of the people of Iran.

  2. Minister Kawaguchi explained that Japan had earlier decided to dispatch an emergency relief medical team and to provide emergency assistance in kind and emergency grant assistance, total amount of which would be approximately 1 million dollars. Minister Kawaguchi explained that the damage caused by the earthquake was greater than initially expected, and that Japan decided to provide additional assistance in kind, which will be transported to Iran by two transport plane of the Air Self Defense Force. She also expressed her hope that Iran would recover from the difficult situations soon.

  3. Minister Kharrazi expressed deep appreciation to Japan's emergency assistance and message of condolences. He said that he was astonished with the scale of damage caused by the earthquakes, which destroyed the city with history of 2,500 years and claimed many human lives.

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