Pledge and Policy Statement made by the Government of Japan at the Consultative Group Meeting for Vietnam

December 4, 2003

  1. At the 11th Consultative Group Meeting for Vietnam held on December 2 (Tue) and 3 (Wed), the Japanese delegation headed by Mr. Norio Hattori, Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam, on behalf of the Government of Japan, made a pledge totaling 91,738 million yen (about 837 million dollars) for assistance to Vietnam.

  2. Japan is in a difficult economic and financial situation, but recognizing that Vietnam's stability and economic development are vital to the stability and development of not only Indochina but also the East Asian region, and that Japan-ASEAN relations are very important, Japan has pledged this assistance to continue its support for Vietnam's own development efforts. The assistance comprises a yen loan of about 79,330 million yen (about 723 million dollars) and grant aid of about 12,408 million yen (about 113 million dollars). The total amount pledged by the Consultative Group is about 2,839 million dollars and Japan's assistance accounts for about 29.5%.

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