Emergency Aid for Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan (Recovery and Employment Afghanistan Programme)

June 25, 2002

  1. On June 25 (Tue), the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency grant aid of 3,000,000 dollars to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to assist its Recovery and Employment Afghanistan Programme (REAP) which the UNDP implements in the city of Kandahar and its vicinity.

  2. In Afghanistan, the Emergency Loya Jirga was held from June 11 to 19 based on the Bonn Agreement that was reached on December 5 last year, and the Transitional Administration was established. From now on, it is important to give as much assistance as possible for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, while providing indirect support for the political process that the Transitional Administration follows.

  3. REAP, a recovery and employment project being implemented in the city of Kabul by Japan's assistance, is highly evaluated by Afghanistan, international organizations and the international community, for its visibility and transparency for Afghans. In response to a request from the Afghanistan Government and the UNDP, Japan has decided to extend this aid to expand areas to be covered by REAP from Kabul and its surrounding areas to the city of Kandahar, a major city of Pashtuns in southern Afghanistan, and its vicinity, to which a large number of refugees and displaced persons have been coming back.

  4. The emergency aid will be provided as part of the reconstruction assistance of up to 500 million dollars that the Government of Japan announced at the International Conference on Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan held in January this year that it would extend for the next two and a half years.

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