Statement by Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, on the incursions by the Israeli Defense Forces into the Palestinian territories

June 6, 2002

  1. Japan is gravely concerned with the escalation of the vicious cycle of violence in the Palestinian territories caused by the series of terrorist attacks by the extremists and the incursions by the Israeli Defense Forces, into the Palestinian autonomous territories in retaliation for those attacks, particularly putting the Chairman Arafat's compound under siege.

  2. Yesterday, I condemned the suicide bombing and urged Chairman Arafat and the Palestinian Authority to exert its maximum efforts to crack down on the extremists. On the other hand, the incursions by the Israeli Defense Forces and the tightening of the economic closures on the Palestinian territories heighten the tensions between the two parties and worsen the situation. Japan urges Israel to exert the maximum restraint, including immediate withdrawal from the Palestinian autonomous territories.

  3. Japan, at the same time, urges Israelis and the Palestinians to seek for peace through negotiations.

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