MOFA's "Travel Information"

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  1. Overall Structure

    Overall Structure

  2. Travel Advice & Warning

    The "Travel Advice and Warning" is designed to help Japanese nationals to make their own decisions about travel plans and safety measures. The "Travel Advice and Warning" is issued countrywise and has four categories depending on the potential risks on the security. The MOFA's Travel Information including "Travel Advice & Warning" has no legally binding effect.

    Travel caution
       Japanese nationals traveling to and residing in the relevant country or region are advised to stay alert to the security situation and take necessary precautions.

    Recommendation to consider whether or not to travel
       Japanese nationals are advised to evaluate carefully the implication for their security and safety before deciding to travel, and to take appropriate safety measures should they decide to travel.

    Recommendation to defer all travel
       Japanese nationals are encouraged to defer all travel, and Japanese residents in the relevant country or the region are advised to exercise due caution.
    Japanese residents might be advised on departure from the country or region depending upon the situation.

    Evacuation advice for all residents
       All Japanese residents are urged to depart immediately from the relevant country or region.


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