Statement by Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the Adoption of the U.N. Security Council Resolution on Iraq

November 9, 2002

  1. At a formal meeting held on November 8 New York time (Japan time: November 9), the U.N. Security Council adopted unanimously resolution 1441 demanding that Iraq should implement obligations such as the acceptance of enhanced inspections. The adoption of the resolution is the manifestation of the international community's concerted and resolute stance on this issue. Japan welcomes the adoption of this resolution and highly appreciates the efforts made by all members of the Security Council.

  2. At the 57th session of the U.N. General Assembly on September 13, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi appealed to the international community for the necessity of a new Security Council resolution to cope with the issue of Iraq, and following this appeal Japan has been making various diplomatic efforts for its adoption.

  3. Japan strongly requests Iraq to take the adoption of the resolution seriously, actually accept immediate, unconditional and unrestricted inspections in accordance with the resolution, and comply with all the relevant Security Council resolutions including the disposal of weapons of mass destruction. Japan intends to make utmost necessary diplomatic efforts to that end.

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