Aid for Afghan Refugees by the Japan Platform

September 28, 2001

  1. On September 28 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to allow the Japan Platform, which is composed of NGOs, economic circles and the Government in the field of emergency humanitarian assistance, to utilize the money pool fund (580 million yen) contributed by the Government of Japan for support activities for Afghan refugees in Pakistan whose situation is worsening since the terrorist attacks in the United States.

  2. Based on the decision, Japanese NGOs will conduct preparatory work including procurement of aid materials and information-collecting in Islamabad, and will move on to refugee camps and other sites near the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan when the preparations are completed and when the need for refugee aid arises near the border.

  3. The Government of Japan has already announced that it would extend grant aid of 1.7 billion yen for Afghan refugees in Pakistan. In addition to such financial assistance, the current decision is expected to assure greater visibility of Japan's assistance at a grass-roots level by enabling direct support activities for refugees by Japanese NGOs, and the Government of Japan intends to provide as much assistance as possible.

  4. The aid will be administered by the NGOs which have a significant record in humanitarian assistant activities for conflict refugees. In order to ensure maximun safety, the activities will be conducted in close coordination with local international humanitarian institutions, the Government of Pakistan and the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan.

  5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the activities of the Japan Platform and will dispatch personnel for communication and coordination with the local government agencies, international organizations and other relevant authorities.

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