Establishment of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) ReliefWeb Office in Kobe

August 9, 2001

  1. With the support of the Government of Japan, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) will establish its ReliefWeb Office in Kobe, and the opening ceremony will be held on August 16 (Thu).

  2. The ReliefWeb of OCHA is a system to deliver information on a natural disaster or a conflict promptly to donor countries, NGOs, and other organizations through its website on the Internet when such a humanitarian crisis occurs. The system is now operating in New York and Geneva, but due to eight hours' time gap in its operating hours, is unable to cover the world on a 24-hour basis. To fill this gap, OCHA has decided to establish an office in Asia, and has requested the Government of Japan for its support to set it up in Kobe city.

  3. The OCHA ReliefWeb has over 44 million accesses from more than 170 countries every year. The activities involving ReliefWeb, in which OCHA, on a 24-hour basis, obtains information on natural disaster or conflict without delay and delivers it to the world through the ReliefWeb, are of great importance in implementing prompt and appropriate emergency humanitarian assistance in afflicted areas. The Government of Japan considers humanitarian assistance to be one of the important pillars of international contribution from a viewpoint of human security. In view of the importance of actively supporting OCHA activities, the Government of Japan has decided to support the establishinment of the ReliefWeb Office in Kobe.

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