Assistance in Kind to IOM for Afflicted Persons in Afghanistan

March 23, 2001

  1. In response to a request made by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), which has been carrying out humanitarian assistance in the western part of Afghanistan, the Government of Japan, on March 23 (Fri), decided to provide the IOM with assistance in kind comprising 160 tents, 1,200 blankets, and 1,600 plastic sheets, in accordance with the International Peace Co-operation Law, with a view to ameliorating the humanitarian plight of the afflicted persons in Afghanistan.

  2. In Afghanistan, since the Soviet invasion in 1979, there have been continued conflicts between warring parties. As a result, the economic basis of the country has been ruined, giving rise to a large number of afflicted persons. On top of this, the situation is particularly severe this winter because the intensified conflicts, the most severe drought in 30 years since last year, and the present cold spell have combined to cause further distress.
       In light of these tragic situations, the Government of Japan has decided to ameliorate the plight of the afflicted persons in Afghanistan and to extend assistance in kind from a humanitarian viewpoint.

  3. The Government of Japan has already decided to contribute a total of 733,300,000 yen to such international organisations as the World Food Programme (WFP) in food and other emergency goods as assistance for the afflicted persons in Afghanistan.
       The present assistance in kind constitutes a part of Japan's humanitarian assistance for the afflicted persons in Afghanistan. Japan intends to continue assistance for the humanitarian activities conducted by the international organisations in Afghanistan.

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