Expansion of Issuing Visas for Business People of IT-related Enterprises in India

February 2, 2001

  1. The Government of Japan decided, on February 2 (Fri), to issue multiple visas, valid for three years, for short-term business stays, allowing a period of stay of 90 days for business people of Indian nationality in IT-related enterprises located in India, to promote exchanges between IT (information technology) specialists of Japan and India. This measure will be implemented from February 5.

  2. This measure was pledged by Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori during his visit to India in August 2000, who stated that Japan would further expand visa issuance for IT specialists from India to advance exchanges with them.

  3. The issuance of multiple visas for Indian nationals was formerly restricted to those holding posts not lower than director or general manager of the business department in companies fulfilling certain conditions; and their validity period was one year. Under the new measure multiple visas will be issued to those who are in the position of section chief or higher, in companies that are deeply related to IT and fulfilling certain conditions, as well as to specialists below section chief level (who have at least a junior college degree in the field of IT-related engineering, or who have more than five years' experience as IT specialists and are actually working for IT-related companies). Their validity period will be three years.

  4. It is expected that this measure will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the Japanese economy, as well as promoting cooperative relations between Japan and India in the field of information technology including introduction of India's excellent IT technology to Japan.

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