Statement by Ms. Makiko Tanaka, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the Agreement concerning the Establishment of an Interim Authority in Afghanistan

December 5, 2001

  1. At the conference held in Germany since November 27 by the representatives of groups in Afghanistan, all groups reached an agreement on the establishment of an Interim Authority and the signing ceremony has taken place today. Japan welcomes the fact that an agreement was reached by all parties in Afghanistan through negotiations and that they took a first step toward building a new country. Japan also pays tribute to the tireless efforts of Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, the Special Representative of the U.N. Secretary-General, who led the negotiations.

  2. Japan hopes that all parties will continue their efforts toward a lasting peace, on the basis of the agreement. Japan also hopes for the establishment of an authority, which will (1) enjoy broad support of all people and parties of Afghanistan, (2) observe international law, (3) be widely accepted by the international community, and (4) maintain friendly relations with neighboring countries and others.

  3. Japan will continue to support efforts by all parties of Afghanistan and the United Nations toward a lasting peace, and will offer assistance and services for the true stability in Afghanistan in cooperation with countries and organizations concerned.

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