Emergency Grant Aid to Tajikistan for Refugees from Afghanistan

October 19, 2001

  1. On October 19 (Fri), aid materials comprising 175 tents, 1,500 blankets and 1,500 sleeping bags, procured in Japan, will be airlifted to Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan, by private chartered aiplane, as part of the emergency grant aid of 240 million yen in total (equivalent to approximately two million dollars), which the Government of Japan announced on October 12 (Fri) to the Government of Tajikistan. The total amount of the cost for this aid is 690 million yen.

  2. The chartered plane (Vladivostok Air) will leave Niigata at 16:30 on October 19 (Fri) and will arrive in Dushanbe at 4:55 (local time: 0:55 on October 20) on October 20 (Sat). Ms. Kyoko Nakayama, Japanese Ambassador to Tajikistan, will hand over the goods in Dushanbe in the morning of October 20 (Sat) (local time) to Mr. Hakim Soliwev, Minister for Economy and Trade of Tajikistan.

  3. The aid materials to be airlifted will be distributed through the Government of Tajikistan to approximately 15,000 Afghan refugees now staying in Tajikistan.

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