Implementation of In-Kind Cooperation and Transport of Relief Materials for the Afghan Refugees in Pakistan

October 5, 2001

  1. The Government of Japan will provide the following relief materials to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to assist the international humanitarian relief operations it has been conducting for the Afghan refugees in Pakistan:
    - 315 tents (capable of accommodating a total of roughly 3,150),
    - 200 blankets,
    - 20 sleeping mats,
    - 400 water tanks, and
    - 75 plastic sheets
       Six Self- Defense Force (SDF) aircrafts (C-130H) will airlift these materials to Islamabad, Pakistan.

  2. In Afghanistan, in addition to the long conflicts, the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11 have caused a large number of Afghans to flee their homes to other areas of the country as well as out of the country. It is estimated that a maximum of 1.5 million people may flow into neighboring countries bordering Afghanistan, of whom one million may enter Pakistan as refugees. Against this background, the UNHCR has requested the Government of Japan for the provision and transportation to Pakistan of materials necessary for the international humanitarian relief operations for the refugees in Pakistan.

  3. On September 19, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, in response to the terrorist attacks in the US, announced 7 measures among which "The Government of Japan will provide assistance to the displaced persons as necessary. This will include the possibility of humanitarian assistance by the SDF." In response to the request made by the UNHCR, and taking into account the above-mentioned measure, the Government of Japan, on October 5, made a Cabinet decision, based on the International Peace Cooperation Law, to provide the UNHCR with the necessary relief materials.

  4. The SDF aircrafts will fly from the Komaki Air Base (near NAGOYA) on October 6 to arrive in Islamabad, Pakistan on October 9.

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