Statement by Foreign Minister Yohei Kono on the release of the hostages in Fiji

July 13, 2000

  1. Today, I am relieved at the news of the release of the hostages.

  2. TAs a country sharing the Pacific Ocean with Fiji, and as one of the most committed development partners of the country, Japan has been following a series of events with deep concern since the take-over of Fijian Parliament by the armed group. Japan considers as regrettable the attempt by the armed group to overthrow by force a democratically elected government.

  3. Japan strongly hopes that the stabilization of the situation, return to normalcy and the restoration of democracy be swiftly realized in Fiji, through consultation and cooperation among all groups of people in the country. Japan is willing to do what we can to assist the efforts by the people of Fiji towards peace and prosperity, in cooperation with other countries and international bodies concerned.


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