Telephone Talks between Mr. Yohei Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Mr. Phil Goff, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand

May 26, 2000

  1. In response to a request from the New Zealand side, Mr. Yohei Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs, held talks by telephone on May 26 with Mr. Phil Goff, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand, from 8:30 a.m. for about 20 minutes to exchange views on the hostage situation in Fiji, where one week has passed since the incident started.

  2. Mr. Goff, while paying tribute to Mr. Kono's statement of May 19, explained the background of the incident, the present situation and its prospect. He also expressed his views that the case should be resolved within the framework of the Constitution, and that the international community should continue their support for President Mara and make a strong appeal to those concerned in Fiji to maintain the democracy and Constitution of Fiji.

  3. Mr. Kono expressed his concern over the present situation, which has been going on for a week, saying that he is very much worried about the safety and health of the hostages including Prime Minister Chaudhry. He also observed that it is important for the international community to support President Mara so that he can resolve the current crisis while respecting the Constitution. Mr. Kono said that his message to this effect has been sent to President Mara today.

  4. Mr. Kono and Mr. Goff confirmed that they would keep in close contact for a settlement of the situation.


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