Confirmation of the Long List of future candidate projects for Viet Nam (FY 1999-FY 2001)

April 20, 2000

  1. On April 20, the Government of Japan confirmed with the Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam of the Long List of 55 future candidate projects, for which Japan may extend ODA loan to Viet Nam in 3 years from FY1999 to FY2001.
    These projects are decided in accordance with the priority areas for ODA loan agreed between the governments of Japan and Viet Nam. The areas are; (1) Electricity and transportation, (2) Improvement of urban infrastructure, (3) Correction of regional discrepancies by developing rural areas, (4) Assistance for small- and medium-sized enterprises, (5) Human resources development, and (6) Environmental consideration.

  2. Inclusion in this List does not necessarily promise the future implementation of the projects. However, it is expected that clarifying the medium- and long-term prospects by listing projects will contribute to promoting the transparency of assistance and the implementation of consistent assistance, coordination among various schemes (technical cooperation, development cooperation, etc.), and the coordination between Japan and other donors, international organizations and the private sector.

  3. The Government of Japan intends to confirm the Long List with other major ODA loan recipient countries.


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