Statement by the Press Secretary/Director-General for Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the Presidential Election in the Republic of Senegal

March 24, 2000

  1. The Government of Japan highly appreciates the fact that the second ballot of the presidential election, following the first on February 27, was held in a democratic, transparent and peaceful manner on March 19 in Senegal, as it shows the establishment of democracy in the country.

  2. The Government of Japan heartily congratulates the President-elect, Mr. Abdoulaye Wade, Leader of the Parti democratique senegalaise. Japan also admires the achievements of President Abdou Diouf, who served in the post for many years, and pays respect to the fact that the President, with the people of Senegal, held a series of elections in an orderly and systematic manner in accordance with the rules of democracy.

  3. The Government of Japan hopes that Senegal will prosper, and that the friendly and cooperative relations between Japan and Senegal will grow ever stronger.


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