Statement by the Press Secretary/Director-General for Press and Public Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the Parliamentary Elections in Iran

February 22, 2000

  1. Japan welcomes the fact that the parliamentary elections in Iran, held on February 18, have been carried out in a democratic atmosphere with an extremely high voting rate.

  2. While ballots are still being counted, the Government of Japan is paying close attention to the election results.

  3. Those supporting the policies of President Mohammad Khatami are so far in the lead, almost gaining a majority of parliamentary seats. The Government of Japan accepts these results with great interest, and regards them as reflecting the will of Iranian people, given the high voting rate of the elections.

  4. Since the Government of Japan has welcomed and supported Iran's domestic reforms and detente policy with the international community, which are being progressed by President Khatami, Japan has been promoting high-level dialogues with Iran, and has also invited President Khatami to visit Japan.


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