Establishment of The Japan Foundation Fellowship for Israel, the "Chiune Sugihara Fellowship"

October 10, 2000

The Japan Foundation will launch a new program "Chiune Sugihara Fellowship" in fiscal year 2001, through which the further advancement of the friendly relations between Japan and Israel is expected.
The Fellowship is named in honor of the late Mr. Sugihara, who made a humanitarian and courageous decision to issue visas to Jewish people under the extreme situation of their persecution by the Nazis in the Second World War.
The general information of the Fellowship is as follows:

  1. Long-Term Visitors' Program (2-12 months, 2 persons)
    : for young scholars and researchers (mainly Ph.D. candidates and associate professors) engaged in Japanese studies

  2. Short-Term Visitors' Program (up to 2 months, 2 persons)
    : for leading specialists in cultural fields or scholars in Japanese studies who are positioned to promote cultural exchange between Japan and Israel


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