The 24th ODA Loan Package to Thailand - for Thailand's Recovery to the Course of Autonomous and Sustainable Development

September 28, 1999

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend to the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand the 24th ODA loan package of up to 115,790 million yen for five projects for FY1999 to assist its efforts for social and economic development. Notes to this effect were exchanged on September 28 (Tue) in Bangkok between Mr. Hiroshi Ota, Japanese Ambassador to Thailand, and Mr. Pisit Leeahtam, Deputy Minister of Finance of Thailand.

  2. Projects to be covered
    (a) MRTA Initial System Project (Blue Line)(IV) up to 64,228 million yen
    (b) Second Bangkok International Airport Development Project (III) up to 33,461million yen
    (c) National Metrology System Development Project (I) up to 722 million yen
    (d) Seventh Bangkok Water Supply Improvement Project (I) up to 12,608 million yen
    (e) Community Hospital Wastewater Treatment Project up to 4,771 million yen
    Total: up to 115,790 million yen

    The present ODA loan package includes not only traditional-type projects for the improvement of economic and social infrastructure (airport and waterworks) but also projects that deal with global environmental issues and pollution (subways and the treatment of wastewater from medical facilities), upon which Japan has been putting much emphasis from the viewpoint of sustainable development. The package also includes a project designated to improve the basis for the future sustainable growth of the Thai industry (improvement of the national metrology system).

  3. Terms and conditions of the loan
    (1) Interest rate
    general project (b): 2.2% per annum
    general environmental project (d) : 1.7% per annum
    special environmental projects (global environmental issues and anti-pollution) (a) and (e), human resources development project (c) and consultancy portion: 0.75% per annum (most concessional rate)
    (2) Repayment period
    25 years (including a 7-year grace period); 40 years (including a 10-year grace period) for the parts to which the most concessional interest rate is applied.
    (3) Procurement method: general untied; partial untied for the main portions of (c) and (e), and bilateral tied for the consultancy portions of (c), (d) and (e).

  4. With the present exchange of Notes, the total of ODA loans extended to Thailand since FY1967 will be 1,781,202 million yen (on an Exchange-of-Notes basis). In March this year, the Government of Japan extended another ODA loan of up to a total of 30 billion yen, under the New Miyazawa Initiative, for the Economic Recovery and Social Sector Program Loan. After the exchange of Notes for this loan, Notes were exchanged on an ODA loan for the agriculture sector under the New Miyazawa Initiative. Including the loan for the agriculture sector, the cumulative total of Japan's ODA loans to Thailand for this fiscal year reaches 151,790 million yen.


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