Emergency Humanitarian Assistance for East Timor
(Two-million-dollar assistance to United Nations humanitarian aid organizations)

September 16, 1999

  1. On September 16 (Thu), in view of the desperate situation affecting the people in East Timor, the Government of Japan decided on an emergency assistance of two million dollars in total. One million is a fresh contribution to support the initial activities of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and another million is being assigned to this purpose out of contribution already given by Japan to the World Food Programme (WFP).

  2. After the announcement of the result of the direct ballot, the situation of refugees and displaced persons inside and outside East Timor has become so serious that the humanitarian aid organizations including the UNHCR and the WFP are now considering to issue an appeal for assistance for these people.

  3. Against the background of the worsening situation of refugees, the UNHCR has requested the Government of Japan to support the cost of the initial activities, that is, the procurement and delivery of emergency aid materials; the WFP has also requested assistance for its provision of food aid to the displaced, such as the procurement of vehicles to transport food. The Government of Japan has therefore decided on the present humanitarian assistance in view of the importance of the East Timor issue.

  4. The Government of Japan will actively study further assistance, taking into account such matters as appeals of the humanitarian aid organizations of the United Nations.


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