Cultural Grant Aid to Mongolia for the Cultural Heritage Centre of Mongolia

July 10, 1999

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend to the Government of Mongolia a cultural grant aid of up to 48.1 million yen to enable the Cultural Heritage Centre of Mongolia to purchase equipment for the preservation of cultural heritage such as equipment for photography, video filming and editing, and repairing. Notes to this effect were exchanged on July 10 (Sat.) in Ulaanbaatar between Foreign Minister Masahiko Koumura and External Relations Minister Nyamosor Tuya, in the presence of Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi, who is visiting Mongolia, and Prime Minister Janlaviin Narantsatsralt.

  2. The Cultural Heritage Centre of Mongolia is the only organization which researches, studies, repairs, preserves and registers the cultural assets of the country. While Socialist Mongolia made light of its cultural assets, since its democratization, Mongolia has begun to pay respect to its traditional culture including its cultural assets. In recent years, Mongolia, led by the governmental initiative, has attached importance on the preservation of culture. This trend has become more noticeable since 1994 when Cultural Law was enacted. At present, however, there are only 1,200 items registered as cultural assets. It is now urgently required not only to confirm the whereabouts of unlisted cultural assets and collect their data, but to repair and preserve fabric, statues of Buddha, drawings, musical instruments, etc.
    Although the Centre does not have adequate equipment for these purposes, it is difficult for the Centre to purchase new equipment, due to a financial reason.
    Under such circumstances, the Government of Mongolia has requested the Government of Japan to extend a cultural grant aid to enable the Centre to purchase necessary equipment.


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