Statement by the Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan on the Decision of the Israeli Government to Approve a Plan to Enlarge a Jewish Settlement

June 2, 1999

  1. The Government of Japan has heard with deep regret the approval by the Israeli Government on May 26 of a plan that would enlarge Ma'alé-Adummim to the eastern limit of the city of Jerusalem.

  2. The issues regarding settlements and Jerusalem should be addressed through the permanent status negotiations, and it was understood in the agreements between the Israelis and the Palestinians that neither side shall take any actions that will prejudice the outcome of the permanent status negotiations. The approval of the plan is undesirable since it will adversely affect the Middle East peace process which we hope will make progress under the coming Barak administration.

  3. Japan will continue to watch closely how the Government of Israel intends to handle this matter.


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