Opening of the "Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Center" (Obuchi-Yeltsin Center)

May 21, 1999

  1. Today, May 21, a "Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Center (Obuchi-Yeltsin Center)", which is the secretariat of the Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Committee, was opened in Tokyo in accordance with the "Agreement between the Government of Japan and the Government of the Russian Federation concerning the Establishment of the Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Center Committee" signed on March 15 this year between Mr. Masahiko Koumura, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, and Mr. Viktor Ivanovich Denikin, Chairman of Federal Committee for Youth Affairs of Russia.

  2. The establishment of the Center was first suggested by Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi at the Japan-Russia Summit Meeting in November last year, with a view to drastically expanding the human exchange between the two countries at a grass-roots level, and President Boris Yeltsin agreed.

  3. It is expected that the opening of the Center will greatly expand future exchanges between the two countries. For the time being, the Center will be operated on a Japanese contribution of about 1,920 million yen and intends to implement new youth exchange programs on the order of 1,000 young people.

  4. The main youth exchange programs being planned are as follows. In promoting its programs, the Center intends to invite the active participation of young Japanese who are interested in Russia. (The following programs are being prepared for implementation in the coming summer).

    (1) Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Program
    Japan will invite young Russians to Japan, for instance, on study programs, providing them with lectures in various fields including Japanese politics, economy, culture and Japan-Russia relations, and with tours in each field, discussions with young Japanese, tours outside Tokyo and homestays.

    (2) Invitation of Leaders of the Next Generation
    Japan will select and invite potential leaders of the next generation who are expected to play leading roles in academic, political and governmental circles of Russia. Japan will provide programs such as visits to agencies related to their fields, opinion exchanges with their Japanese counterparts, and tours outside Tokyo.

    (3) Fellowship for Young Researchers
    Japan will invite/dispatch young and prospective researchers of both countries, and provide them with opportunities to form personal connections and conduct research.

  5. Head and address of the Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Center
    Mr. Shoji Suezawa, Secretary General
    12th Floor, Kasumigaseki Building
    3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    Tel: 5510-4011
    Fax: 5510-4012


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