Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs Masahiko Koumura on Results of the General Election in Israel

May 18, 1999

  1. In the general election held in Israel on May 17, Labor Party leader Ehud Barak was elected as Israel's next prime minister. Japan strongly hopes that after the new Israeli government is established, peace talks will be quickly resumed with everyone's cooperation. It is also Japan's ardent hope that, on the Palestinian issue, the Wye River Memorandum will be implemented and that final status negotiations will make accelerated progress on the basis of the Oslo Agreement.

  2. Japan also looks forward to the resumption of the stalled peace talks in the Syrian and Lebanese tracks in order to bring about a just, lasting, and comprehensive peace.

  3. Japan, on its part, has been extending its cooperation to the peace process through various démarches on the parties concerned and economic assistance to the Palestinians, and intends to continue its active cooperation in the efforts to achieve peace in the region.


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