Emergency Aid to Malaysia for Responding to the Outbreak of Japanese Encephalitis

April 6, 1999

  1. On April 6 (Tue.), the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency aid of 150,000 US dollars (about 18 million yen) to the Government of Malaysia for the expense of implementing preventive inoculation, such as the purchase of vaccine, against Japanese Encephalitis which has been prevalent in the country.

  2. Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis have been observed in the states of Perak, in the north, and Negeri Sembilan in the southwest of the country. More than 220 people have been infected, of whom more than 80 people have died, and it is feared that the number of cases will grow. Malaysia's Health Ministry is planning to inoculate about 300,000 people against Japanese Encephalitis to prevent the further spread of the disease and has requested assistance from the Government of Japan.

  3. The Government of Japan has decided to extend this aid from a humanitarian point of view, considering the importance of early prevention of the disease and the friendly relations between Japan and Malaysia.

  4. A dispatch of medical experts is also under consideration.


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