ODA Loan to Viet Nam - Assistance for Viet Nam's Efforts for the Economic and Social Development and for Shift to Market Economy

March 29, 1999

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend an ODA loan of up to a total of 88,000 million yen for nine projects to the Government of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, with a view to assisting its efforts for economic and social development and for a shift to a market economy. Notes to this effect were exchanged on March 29 (Mon.) in Tokyo (Prime Minister's Official Residence) between Mr. Takashi Nakamura, Japanese Ambassador to Viet Nam, and Mr. Tran Xuan Gia, Minister of Planning and Investment of Viet Nam, in the presence of Mr. Keizo Obuchi, Prime Minister of Japan, and Mr. Phan Van Khai, Prime Minister of Viet Nam.

  2. Japan's ODA loan to Viet Nam in FY 1998, which takes into account important fields upon which a Japanese High Level Mission on Economic and Technical Coopertion to Viet Nam in 1994 agreed with the Viet Nam side, covers nine projects putting a priority on the improvement of the socio-economic infrastructure mainly in the fields of transportation and power supply including water supply and sewerage systems. As leveling the gap between rural and urban areas and fostering of small- and medium- sized enterprises are important for the country's socio-economic development in the future, the ODA loan is also intended for rural development, improvement of the living environment, and assistance for small- and medium-sized enterprises. The total amount of ODA loan to Viet Nam of this fiscal year has been increased by about 3.5 % over the previous year.


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