Contribution to United Nations University for "Akino Project"

March 19, 1999

  1. On March 19, the Government of Japan donated 100 million yen to the United Nations University (UNU) for its project (Akino Project) to educate people who will be able to contribute to the international community for world peace and others, in accordance with the will of the late Dr. Yutaka Akino, Civil Affairs Officer of the U.N. Mission of Observers in Tajikistan, who was killed while on duty last July.

  2. With this fund, the UNU will open an "Akino Memorial Course" as one of its International Courses. The UNU will also use the fund for such purposes as assistance for Japanese trainees interested in working as interns for international organizations, for research projects in Eurasia, and for the UNU Global Seminars.

  3. Apart from this UNU project, the "Akino Yutaka Fund", aimed at supporting regional research by "Active Researchers on Eurasia" such as Dr. Akino himself was, has been established by non-governmental persons who are actively engaging in fund-raising.

    The "Akino Project" of the UNU, along with future projects of the "Akino Yutaka Fund", will carry out the last wishes of Civil Affairs Officer Akino, who wanted to bring up people who could play active roles in the international community.


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