Emergency Aid to Colombia for Earthquake Disaster Relief

February 3, 1999

  1. On February 3 (Wed.), the Government of Japan decided to extend to the Republic of Colombia, which has sustained great damage from a large-scale earthquake, emergency aid of 14,600,000 yen to be used to transport about 300,000 portions of hard biscuits donated by Japanese local governments, with a view to assisting the earthquake victims.

  2. An earthquake registering 6 on the Richter Scale hit western Colombia at 1:19 p.m. January 25 (Mon.) (Japan time: 3:19 a.m. January 26). The epicenter was located about 180 km west of Bogota, the capital. The earthquake has caused immense human and material damage including the collapse of buildings. As of 8:29 a.m., January 30 (Japan time: 10:00 p.m., January 30), the Colombian Red Cross announced that about 940 people were dead, about 4,000 injured and some 250,000 afflicted. The afflicted people in the quake-hit areas are faced with serious food shortage.

  3. Japan dispatched a Japan Disaster Relief Team (Rescue Team) to Colombia and at present, another Japan Disaster Relief Team (Medical Team) is conducting medical rescue operations in the disaster area. Furthermore, on January 30 local time, Japan handed over to the Colombian Government emergency materials such as tents, blankets, small water tanks, electricity generators, and towels worth about 25,650,000 yen, and has decided to extend emergency assistance of 400,000 dollars. Japan decided to bear the cost for the transport of the hard biscuits in addition to the foregoing assistance from a humanitarian point of view.


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