Emergency Assistance to Senegal for Flood Disaster Relief

November 12, 1999

  1. On November 12 (Fri), the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency assistance in kind including tents and blankets equivalent to 17,870,000 yen to the Government of the Republic of Senegal, which has sustained a large-scale flood disaster.

  2. During the rainy season from August till October this year, Senegal was hit by abnormal torrential rains which, together with a hurricane that swept the country, caused an unprecedented rise in the levels of the Senegal River and other rivers. As a result, nation-wide flooding washed away houses, inundated farmland, and caused other damage. At this moment, 234,500 people are afflicted and the disaster seems to be expanding.
    Taking the disaster very seriously, the Government of Senegal requested, on November 4, assistance from the international community including Japan.

  3. The Government of Japan has decided to extend this emergency assistance from a humanitarian standpoint, in view of the seriousness of this disaster and the friendly relations between Japan and Senegal.


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