Cooperation in Kind for East Timorese Displaced Persons

October 22, 1999

  1. Based on the International Peace Cooperation Law, the Government of Japan on October 22 (Fri) decided to extend material grant assistance to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for East Timorese displaced persons in East Timor and the Republic of Indonesia. The assistance goods will be airlifted promptly in three installments by a private chartered plane (Antonov124) between October 23 and 27. The assistance in kind consists of the following items: 500 tents, 9,000 blankets, 11,140 sleeping mats, 20,000 water containers, and 5,120 plastic sheets.

  2. The situation in East Timor has become suddenly worse with looting, arson, and other crimes being committed since August 30, when the direct ballot was held to confirm the will of the people over whether or not to accept the proposal of expanded autonomy. This has generated hundreds of thousands of displaced persons, who are forced to lead a difficult life in refugee camps. Although the repatriation of these refugees has started gradually after the deployment of the multinational force, the basic infrastructure in East Timor remains paralyzed, and even daily necessities are reportedly in short supply. In such a situation, the UNHCR has requested the Government of Japan to provide these goods, and the Government of Japan, taking into account the importance of the East Timor issue, has decided to implement this cooperation in kind.

  3. The Government of Japan intends to actively study further assistance in future, while taking account of the situation, including appeals to be issued by the UN humanitarian assistance agencies.


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