Dispatch of Japan Disaster Relief Team to Nicaragua for Hurricane Disaster

November 11, 1998

  1. On November 11 (Wed.), the Government of Japan decided to dispatch a Japan Disaster Relief Team for about two weeks from November 12 (Thu.) to the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua, which has sustained extensive damage caused by a hurricane. This team is composed of 16 members: one official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, three doctors, six nursed, three medical coordinators and three service coordinators.

  2. Hurricane Mitch crossed Central America between October 26 and November 1. According to the Government of Nicaragua, the hurricane caused immense damage throughout the country, leaving 1,952 dead, 1,184 missing and about 807,000 afflicted. Especially in the most severely damaged areas, the hurricane has displaced many people, obliging them to seek shelter in refuge centers with bad sanitary conditions. Since such a situation has given rise to some infectious diseases including cholera, malaria and dengue fever, the Nicaraguan National Committee for the Disaster Emergency has issued press releases giving warnings of the increasing danger that those infectious diseases will spread.
    The Government of Nicaragua, therefore, is conducting relief operations and has requested the international community to provide medical relief missions composed of specialists on contagious diseases.

  3. To assist the hurricane disaster relief efforts in Nicaragua, the Government of Japan decided on November 2 to extend emergency aid materials consisting of blankets, soap and sleeping mats (worth about 19,890,000 yen), and on November 4, Japan additionally decided to extend emergency grant assistance of 500,000 dollars. However, taking into account the scale of the disaster including the outbreak of infectious diseases caused by poor sanitary conditions, Japan decided to dispatch a Japan Disaster Relief Team from a humanitarian standpoint as well as in view of its friendly relations with Nicaragua.

  4. The present schedule of the Japan Disaster Relief Team is as follows:
    November 12 (Thu.)    17:50    Leave Tokyo (JL 012)


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