Food Aid to Internally Afflicted Persons in Bangladesh

October 30, 1998

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend food aid worth one billion yen to assist internally afflicted persons in Bangladesh who face serious food shortages caused by disastrous floods. The aid will be extended through the World Food Programme (WFP). Notes to this effect were exchanged on October 30 (Fri.) in Rome between Mr. Hiromoto Seki, Japanese Ambassador to Italy, and Ms. Catherine Bertini, WFP Executive Director.

  2. In Bangladesh, flooding that started in July has gravely damaged the harvest. In particular, the country has lost about 2.2 to 2.4 million tons of rice. This has left an estimated 30 million people facing serious food shortages. In light of this situation, the WFP, which is implementing food aid for internally afflicted persons in Bangladesh, requested cooperation from Japan to food aid.

  3. Taking into account the severe food shortage above, the Government of Japan decided to provide rice through the WFP to the internally afflicted persons in Bangladesh.


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