December 4, 2020

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

  • 12 March, 1968 (Date of recognition of the State)
  • In January 2017, the Embassy of Japan was established in Mauritius

Number of Residents:

  • Number of Japanese nationals residing in Mauritius: 59 (as of October 2018)
  • Number of Mauritian nationals residing in Japan: 80 (as of June 2018)

Trade with Japan (2018):

  • Exports: 999 million yen (fishery products, textile, etc.)
  • Imports: 15,383 million yen (cars, fishery products, automobile related equipment, tires, etc.)

Japan's Economic Cooperation (cumulative total until fiscal 2016):

  • Loans: 16,146 million yen
  • Grants: 6,034 million yen
  • Technical cooperation: 6,258 million yen

Recent VIP Visits

From Japan to the Republic of Mauritius:
Year Name
2005.1 Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, KAWAGUCHI Yoriko (International Conference on Small Islands developing States)
2006.7 Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet office, HIRAI Takuya
The Japan-AU Parliamentary Friendship League
2006.8 House of Representatives Members OHNO Yoshinori, TANAKA Kazunori, OBUCHI Yuko, OKUNO Shinsuke, House of Councilors Member YAMATANI Eriko (The Japan-AU Parliamentary Friendship League)
2013.7 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, TAIRA Masaaki (Indian Ocean Rim Business Forum)
2016.8 House of Representatives Members NISHIMURA Yasutoshi, HIRAI Takuya, OGATA Rintaro and TAIRA Masaaki (Official research mission from the House of Representatives on Economic Policy)
2017.1 House of Councilors Members HORII Iwao and SUGIO Hideya (ODA Research Mission from the House of Councilors)
2017.6 State Minister for Foreign Affairs, SONOURA Kentaro
2017.7 State Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, SUEMATSU Shinsuke
2018.8 State Minister for Foreign Affairs, SATO Masahisa, House of Representatives Member
President of The Japan-AU Parliamentary Friendship League, AISAWA Ichiro
From the Republic of Mauritius to Japan:
Year Name
2006.11 Minister of Agro Industry and Fisheries, BOOLEL (invited by OFCF JAPAN)
2007.7 Minister of Agro Industry and Fisheries, BOOLEL (Japan International Seafood Show)
2008.5 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport & Shipping, BEEBEEJAUN (TICAD IV)
2009.7 Minister for Agro Industry, Food Production and Security, FAUGOO (invited by Former Prime Minister, UTEEM (Mission for Non-official Group of OFCF Japan) Friends of Sri Lanka)
2013.6 Prime Minister, Navinchandra RAMGOOLAM (TICAD V)
2013.10 Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research Rajesh Jeetah (Science and Technology in Society Forum)
2013.10 Minister of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development, Anbanaden VEERASAMY (The Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the “Minamata Convention on Mercury)
2014.10 Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research Rajesh JEETAH (Science and Technology in Society Forum)
2015.3 Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development, and Disaster and Beach Management, Jayeshwue Raj DAYAL (UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction)
2018.10 Attorney General, Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Institutional Reforms, Maneesh GOBIN (57th Annual Session of the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization)
2019.1 Minister of Public Infrastructure and Transport, Nandcoomar BODHA
2019.8 Prime Minister, Pravind Kumar JUGNAUTH (TICAD7)
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