Measures to be Taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Response to the Military Actions Taken Against Iraq

I. "Ensuring the safety of Japanese nationals in Iraq and its surrounding areas"

- For Japanese nationals currently in those areas subject to evacuation advisory, preparations to use government-chartered aircraft or special government aircraft have been completed.

- In other parts of surrounding areas, safety measures will be implemented to cope fully with the situation, including providing relevant information to Japanese nationals.

II. "Emergency humanitarian assistance to affected people"

i) Prepare implementation of personnel and material cooperation based on International Peace Cooperation Law to refugee assistance activities conducted by UNHCR in the neighbouring countries. (i.e. dispatching civilian medical teams and transporting humanitarian relief materials by Self Defence Force aircraft)

ii) Provide technical cooperation to enhance emergency medical response system in the neighbouring countries where influx of refugees is expected.

iii) Disbursed 400 million yen to Japanese NGOs engaged in humanitarian assistance activities in Northern Iraq and Jordan.

- Consider additional assistance to NGOs as necessary.

iv) Provide 5.03 million U.S. dollars to UNHCR, UNICEF, and WFP as fund necessary to conduct humanitarian assistance activities by international organizations in the immediate future.

- Make contributions in response to the official UN appeal once it is made.

III. "Assistance to neighboring countries"

i) Provide emergency economic assistance to Jordan, which will be hit by immediate and considerable economic impact in the wake of this military operation against Iraq.

ii) Provide emergency humanitarian assistance (food) to the Palestinians Autonomous Territories from the perspectives of regional stability and humanitarian concerns.

iii) Consider other assistance to the neighbouring countries to be considered on the basis of actual circumstances in each country.

IV. Rehabilitation and reconstruction as well as humanitarian assistance in Iraq

- Consider possible measures to actively contribute to the international efforts to be launched.

V. Fight against terrorism in Afghanistan

- Cooperate with effective implementation of assistance based on Anti-terrorism Special Measures Law in such areas as transport and replenishment whose scope has been extended to eight countries, in close coordination and cooperation with the United States and other countries.

VI. We hope that this military operation comes to an end as soon as possible with the Iraqi threat to the international community completely removed and that the peace and stability will be restored to the region as quickly as possible.

To this end, we will do our utmost in gathering relevant information and in maintaining close consultation with relevant countries.

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