Assistance to the disaster-struck areas from the Republic of Paraguay

June 24, 2011


  1. On Friday, June 24, the Government of Paraguay informed us that it decided to contribute approximately USD110, 000 for an assistance plan to disaster-struck areas in Tohoku promoted by Paraguay's Nikkei and a Japanese company. The Paraguayan Government is involved in the implementation of this plan through the Embassy of Paraguay in Japan as well as financial assistance.
  2. Early after the earthquake, H.E. Mr. Frernando Lugo Méndez, President of Paraguay and H.E. Dr. Luis Federico Franco, Vice-President expressed their condolences and sympathy.
  3. The Government of Japan deeply appreciates the cooperation of public and private sectors of Paraguay.

(Note) Using 100 tons of non-GMO soybeans which the agricultural cooperative Iguazú supplied at no charge, the Gialinks, a Japanese company which works for assistance to Japanese farmers in South America, has been producing and providing Tofu for the disaster-struck areas.

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