Summary of the Japan-Italy Bilateral Leaders' Meeting

July 20, 2000
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1. Time and Place

From 18:16 to 18:49, July 20, 2000, in the Asahi no Ma room, State Guesthouse

2. Summary of Meeting

A. Summit
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori spoke about the significance of holding this year's Summit in Okinawa and asked Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato for his cooperation in making the meeting a success. Prime Minister Amato expressed his belief that the Summit would succeed, noting (1) the careful preparations that had been made for the meeting and (2) the wide range of excellent themes that had been set for the discussions, including various aspects of the problems facing developing countries, measures to combat crime, infectious diseases, poverty, and regional conflicts. Prime Minister Amato also indicated his desire to confer with the other G8 nations in deciding which topics should be given prominent treatment at next year's Summit, which will be held in Genoa, Italy.

B. United Nations Reform
Prime Minister Amato noted that in considering how to reform the U.N. Security Council, the standard for participation in the Security Council should be the extent of cooperation in the activities of the United Nations, including financially. From this perspective, he believes that Japan is qualified to become a permanent member of the UNSC, and he added that Italy is similarly qualified. Prime Minister Mori stated that it would be important to discuss the future of the United Nations before entering the new century. In this light, the United Nations Millennium Assembly to be held in September is a crucial event. As well as Security Council reform, the fair and equitable assessed distribution of the cost burden for U.N. activities is a key topic to be examined; through reform, the United Nations should be made into an organization that can live up to the expectations of the people of the world. Prime Minister Amato agreed wholeheartedly with these points.

C. Korean Peninsula
Prime Minister Mori noted that (1) North Korea, with which Italy established diplomatic relations at the beginning of this year, has recently been making positive moves within international society, culminating in the first-ever summit meeting with South Korea; (2) Japan would like to move toward normalizing diplomatic relations with North Korea; and (3) the North-South summit was a most welcome development, and there was a need for the G8 nations to help maintain the momentum of the two countries' moves toward reunification. Prime Minister Amato responded that he was in full agreement with these statements.


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