Japan-Morocco Relations
Japan-Morocco Relations (Basic Data)

July 19, 2016

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

  • Established in 1956 with the recognition of Morocco's independence
  • 1961 Japanese Embassy opened in Morocco
  • 1965 Moroccan Embassy opened in Japan

Bilateral Treaties and Agreement:

  • 1960 Trading Arrangement
  • 1985 Fisheries Agreement

Number of Residents:

  • Number of Japanese Nationals residing in Morocco: 375 (October 2015)
  • Number of Moroccan Nationals residing in Japan: 422 (December 2015)

Economic Relations

Trade with Japan:

  • Imports from Japan : U.S.$ 344 million (2014) (automobiles, machinery)
  • Exports to Japan : U.S.$ 217 million (2014) (seafood, phosphate rock)

Other Economic Relations:

  • "JETRO business mission" and "Japanese Study mission to North Africa on industrial investment climate" visited Morocco in 2003, 2006 and 2011 respectively, looked into business environment in Morocco. Also, the Moroccan Embassy in Japan hosts the Morocco business seminars approximately every year in Tokyo as well as other local cities, in cooperation with the JETRO (the Japan External Trade Organization), the UNIDO and the JCCME (the Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East). In addition, the Moroccan representative delegation led by the Minister of Energy, Mine Water and Environment had attended the 2nd Japan-Arab Economic Forums in December 2010 and appealed for cooperation with Japan regarding the promotion of using solar energy as a generation system.

Japan's Economic Cooperation:

  • List of Exchange of Notes
  • Loans: 291.200 billion yen
  • Grants: 36.621 billion yen
  • Technical Cooperation: 36.644 billion yen
    • (note) Accumulative total as of the end of 2014

(a) Japan has provided support in the form of loan aid, grant aid and technical cooperation. The focused fields are 1) enhancing competitive economy and sustainable economic growth especially through strengthening infrastructure, agriculture and aquaculture and human capacity development and 2) easing economic and social disparities between urban and local areas through improving education and public health.

(b) With over 40 years of experiences and knowledge transferred from Japan, Morocco has been actively contributing to develop South-South Cooperation toward African nations in multiple fields such as fishery and road rehabilitation. In September 2003, to promote Japanese technical cooperation towards the southern African nations, Japan and Morocco signed a framework document regarding the "Japan-Morocco Triangular Technical Cooperation Program for The Promotion of South-South Cooperation in Africa."

(c) Recent Major Projects:
Project for Flood Forecasting and Warning System in High Atlas Area (2010 grant), Rural Road Improvement Project (II) (2011 loan), Fez and Meknes Regions Water Supply Project (2011 loan) , Sewerage System Development Project (III) (2012 loan), Non-Project Aid on Next Generation Eco Friendly Vehicles (2012, grant), Basic Education Sector Support Project (2013 loan),Project for Construction of Shellfish Aquaculture Technology Research Center (2014 grant) , Green Morocco Plan Support Program (2015 loan), Project for Improvement of Equipment for Security Enhancement (2015 grant).

Cultural Exchange:

  • (a) Receiving Moroccan students to study in Japan as Japanese governmental scholars every year
  • (b) Senior volunteers from JICA teach Japanese language in several institutes including Mohammad V University.
  • (c) Cultural grants were provided in the past, and cultural projects are being held in the Japanese Embassy.

Friendship League:

  • Japan-Morocco Parliamentary Friendship League
  • Morocco-Japan Parliamentary Friendship League
  • Japan-Morocco Association
  • Morocco-Japan Friendship Association

VIP Visits

From Japan to Morocco (from 2008):
Year Name
2009 Mr. Koichi TAKEMASA, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs
Ms. Akiko SANTO, Vice President of the House of Councillors
2010 Ms. Yasue FUNAYAMA, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
2012 Mr. Koichiro GEMBA, Minister for Foreign Affairs
Mr. Kazuyuki HAMADA, Parliamentay Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
Mr. Hiroyuki ISHIGE, Director of JETRO
2013 Mr. Kenji KOSAKA, President of the Morocco-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Association
Mr. Shunichi YAMAGUCHI, Vice-Minister for Finance
2014 Mr. Nobuo KISHI, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Akihiko TANAKA, President of JICA
Mr. Hiroyuki ISHIGE, Chairman & CEO of JETRO
2015 Mr. Kentaro SONOURA, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
2016 Mr. Yoshio HAYASHI, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mr. Yoji Muto, State Minister for Foreign Affairs
From Morocco to Japan (from 2005):
Year Name
2005 Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma, Crown Prince Moulay Hassan
Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Amina
Mr. Fathallah OUALALOU, Minister of Finance and Economy
His Majesty the King Mohamed VI (State visit: November)
2006 Mr. Mohamed LAENSER, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Sea FisheriesMr. Mohamed BENAISSA, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Mr. Mohammed BOUSSAÏD, Minister for Public Sector Modernization
2008 Mr. Abbas EL FASSI, Prime Minister(TICAD IV)
Mr. Ahmed Reda CHAMI, Minister of Industry, Trade and New Technologies
Ms. Amina BENKHADRA, Minister of Energy, Mine, Water and Environment
2010 Mr. Aziz AKHENOUCH, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Maritime Fisheries
2012 Mr. Saad Dine EL OTMANI, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Mr. Nizar BARAKA, Minister of Economy and Finance
2013 Mr. Saad Dine EL OTMANI, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Mr. Mohamed Najib BOULIF, Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of General Affairs and Governance
Mr. Abdelkader AMARA, Minister of Industry, Trade and New Technologies
Ms. Mbarka BOUAIDA, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Mr. Mamoun BOUHADHOUD, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Industry , Trade , investment and the Digital Economy for SMEs and the integration of the informal sector
2014 Mr. Aziz RABBAH, Minister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics
Mr. Mohamed Cheikh BIADILLAH, Chairman of the House of Councillors
Mr. Aziz AKHANNOUCH, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries
Her Loyal Highness Princess Lalla Hasna
2015 Mr. Mohamed Najib BOULIF, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics , for Transport
2016 Mr. Moulay Hafid EL ALAMY, Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy