Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2006
Box Contents
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folderPart I
fileBox I-1. Outline of the Development Initiative for Trade
fileBox I-2. Efforts to Disseminate New Rice for Africa (NERICA)
fileBox I-3. Ten New Measures by "Examination and Improvement of ODA"
fileBox I-4. Examples of Aid Collaboration in Bilateral Assistance and Assistance Provided through International Organizations
fileBox I-5. Increasing the Visibility of Japanese Aid with the Hinomaru and ODA Logo
folderPart II
fileBox II-1. Women in Development: Examples of Japan's Assistance
fileBox II-2. Outline of "Water and Sanitation for Broad Partnership Initiative (WASABI)"
fileBox II-3. Japan's Overseas Dependency for Food as Measured by Virtual Water
fileBox II-4 About the Receipt of the "Green Leaf" National Environmental Award from the Maldives