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United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
Japan's Action Plan in Combating Infectious Diseases in Africa
(Japanese (PDF, 302KB) / English (PDF, 163KB) / French (PDF, 163KB))
Fight Against HIV/AIDS Pandemic - Japan's Contributions through the "Okinawa Infectious Diseases Initiative" (Japanese / English (PDF, 1.00MB), (Text Version)) (June 2001)
Overview of Infectious Diseases (November 2007) (Japanese)

Related Conferences and Meetings

White Paper

Japan's ODA White Paper 2013
  • Measures for Poverty Reduction (2) Health, Welfare, and Population (HTML), (PDF, 479KB)
  • Measures for Global Issues (2) Infectious Diseases (HTML), (PDF, 278KB)

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Photo from Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Handbook (MOFA, 2005)