Japan submits herewith its initial offer under the negotiations on trade in services, pursuant to paragraph 15 of the Ministerial Declaration of 14th Nov. 2001 (WT/MIN(01)/DEC/1). This offer is conditional. The modification to the consolidated Schedule of Specific Commitments is inscribed following the editorial conventions as stipulated in the secretariat document JOB(02)88.

Japan reserves the right to modify, extend, reduce or withdraw any part of this offer at any time prior to the closure of the current services negotiations, depending upon the willingness and the readiness of its negotiating partners to provide offers comparable to that of Japan and arrive at mutually acceptable commitments including the application of the most favored nation treatment. In making such an assessment, Japan will also take into account the individual level of development of different trading partners.

This offer is also conditional to the outcome of the negotiations underway as stipulated in GATS, inter alia, the negotiation to develop disciplines on domestic regulations.

The categorization of each sector and sub-sector in the attached list is provisional and susceptible to modification subject to developments on the discussion on classification and other issues.

Japan further reserves its right to make technical changes and corrections to this offer.

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