Attendance of Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori at the Annual Meeting 2001 of the World Economic Forum in Davos
(Summary and Evaluation)

28 January 2001

1. Summary

(1) Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori visited Davos in the Swiss Confederation from 26 January (Fri) to 28 January (Sun) in order to participate in the Annual Meeting 2001 of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. (The Prime Minister stayed in Davos on 27 January only.)

(2) At the Davos Meeting, Prime Minister Mori attended a special session held exclusively for him to deliver a policy speech and respond to questions, in addition to a luncheon hosted by the WEF at which Prime Minister Mori was the guest of honor.

2. Evaluation

(1) The Davos meeting represents an opportunity for political, economic, and academic leaders in the world to meet together and engage in a frank and candid exchange of views concerning issues facing the world economy, and media interest in the meeting was high. It was the first time for an incumbent Japanese Prime Minister to attend and give a policy speech in the meeting, therefore providing a most effective means of presenting Japan's vision for the new century to the world.

(2) Specifically, taking the theme "Shaping Japan, Shaping a Global Future," the Prime Minister spoke on three main subjects: (i) the rebirth of the Japanese economy; (ii) structural changes in Japanese economy and society; and (iii) Japan's contribution to global challenges. These themes were effective in making clear Japan's role in the midst of a globalized international community to both Japanese people and people overseas, and in particular elucidating efforts towards the realization of a Japanese rebirth.

(3) The measures described by Prime Minister Mori were widely reported in the domestic and international press, including such mainstream publications as the Herald Tribune, and as such the speech was effective in communicating Japan's positive message to the international community.

(4) At the luncheon hosted by the WEF at which Prime Minister Mori was guest of honor and attended by world political and financial leaders, the Prime Minister was able to deepen his personal relationship with various political, business, and academic leaders, in particular those leaders from the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Croatia, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Tunisia, and the Kingdom of Norway who were seated at the same table.

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