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What's APEC?

Member Economies | Peru
Economy Peru
Area Approx. 1,290,000 square kilometers
Population 28.5 million 2008
Economic leaders Alan Garcia, President
Major Industries Manufacturing, commerce, mining, transportation and telecommunications, and construction
GDP 127.4 billion dollars 2008
Currency Nuevo Sol
Imports from Japan
(Japan → each economy)
53.4 billion yen 2009
Main imports from Japan
(Japan → each economy)
Auto, tires, and steel
Exports to Japan
(Each economy → Japan)
155.2 billion yen 2009
Main exports to Japan
(Each economy → Japan)
Copper, fishmeal, silver, and zinc
Number of Japanese residents 3,294 2009
Number registered as foreigners living in Japan 57,464 2009
Number of local authorities with affiliation agreements 0 2010
Year of APEC membership 1998
Time difference with Tokyo -14 hours
Average time required from Tokyo Approx. 16 hours
See also Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website "Regional Affairs"

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