GLOBAL YOUTH EXCHANGE Public SymposiumThe Global Youth Exchange (GYE) Program

September 2009

Farewell Party with Host Families (GYE2005)

1. Objectives of the Program

The Global Youth Exchange (GYE) Program was initiated in FY1995 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to invite to Japan the young people of the world who will assume great responsibility in the 21st century to exchange views on issues from a global perspective. By providing a forum for the exchange of opinions among the members of this diverse group, the Program aims to overcome the barriers of language and culture. In an effort to promote international mutual understanding, the program aims to cultivate an understanding of Japan among the overseas participants and an international understanding among the participants from Japan.

Public Symposium (GYE2004)

2. Content of the Program

The Global Youth Exchange Program is comprised of discussions in sessions held on the themes related to that year's Program, public symposium, and local visits in which participants are introduced to Japanese culture in order to broaden their understanding of Japan. The venue locations vary from year to year.

(1) Discussions and public symposium

i. Discussions among participants

To deepen understanding on the general theme, three themes under the general them are selected and discussed. Participants first listen to specialists (lecturers) speak on the theme of the particular session, before being broken up into groups to engage in free discussion.

ii. Public symposium

A public symposium incorporating the three session themes is held with simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation. The symposium is comprised of a keynote address followed by panel discussion.

(2) Local visits (Introduction to Japanese culture)

Participants come into contact with Japanese culture by making local visits. Exchanges and social gatherings with local people at the visited sites may also be held.

3. Participant countries, Application, requirements

(1) Participant countries

Participants from about 30 countries are selected each year,by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(2) Application

Japanese persons who wish to participate in the Program should contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply. The Ministry selects around 3 Japanese participants each year. Foreign participants should apply through the Japanese embassy in their country, not directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(3) The ideal applicant shall:

  1. be, in principle, 20-35 years of age and have nationality of one of the Program's target countries. They should have an interest in engaging in discussion with foreign participants on the theme of the particular year.
    University under-graduate/graduate student, researcher, businessperson, journalist, politician, etc. are particularly welcome.
  2. have the ability to engage in discussion in English.
  3. be able to participate in the entire Program.

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