Junior 8 (J8) Summit

July, 2008

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, with the UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) as a co-host, held a Junior Eight (J8) Summit from July 1, 2008 (Tue) to 10 (Thu) in Chitose City, Hokkaido Island.

The J8 Summit 2008 is an exchange program for young people, mainly from G8 countries, to discuss global issues with the friends from around the world. 39 children (four children from each G8 country and 7 children from other countries) participated in the J8 Summit 2008.

J8 participants discussed three themes; (1) climate change, (2) poverty and development, and (3) global health. "Chitose Declaration [PDF]" and "J8 Action Plan [PDF]" were the results of their discussion. J8 participants had an opportunity to submit the documents to the G8 leaders and present the contents of their discussion in the G8 spouses' program. (* These two documents were solely compiled by the children from their own points of views.)

Various events were organized during the J8 Summit, including the opening and welcome reception at the Lake Shikotsu, "Chitose night" reception hosted by Chitose City, Lake Shikotsu Festival, and the "Gathering to discuss environment and the future" hosted by G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit Preparation Council.

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