Statement by Minister Mikio Mori
Delegation of Japan
On Agenda Item 34: Question relating to Information

Fourth Committee
Sixty-fourth Session of the General Assembly
14 October 2009

Mr. Chairman,

I would first like to associate with the previous speakers in extending congratulation to H.E. Ambassador Al-Nasser for his election to the chairmanship of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee. Our congratulation also goes to the members of his bureau.

Let me also extend my delegation's gratitude to the Secretary-General's work on the report A/64/262 and express my profound appreciation to every activity conducted by the Department of Public Information (DPI), which covers priority issues of the United Nations such as climate change, impact of the economic and financial crisis on development, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), H1N1 influenza, gender equality, peacekeeping operations, disarmament, human rights and various issues relating to Africa. I also appreciate the promotion of public information conducted by United Nations Information Centers (UNICs) (in 63 locations around the world including the one in Tokyo) and commend DPI who is taking on the challenges of improving its effectiveness and rationalizing its operations under the firm and strenuous leadership of Under-Secretary-General Kiyo Akasaka and members of DPI.

I would like to also appreciate the works carried by the DPI during the General Debate last month as was briefed by USG Akasaka yesterday in this session and introduced in "UN in Focus" in details.

Mr. Chairman,

During the period of the first half of 2009 covered by the Secretary-General's report, Japan saw a number of important international events, among which, I would particularly like to mention today the visit of Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon to Japan.

The Secretary-General visited Japan from 30 June to 2 July upon invitation of the Government of Japan. During his stay, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon held meetings with Japan's high level political leaders at which they exchanged views on various global issues such as climate change, UN reform including Security Council Reform, Myanmar, the DPRK and other regional issues, disarmament and nuclear proliferation and combat against piracy. The Secretary-General also expressed his intention to issue his report on Human Security. It was confirmed that Japan and the UN would further strengthen their cooperative relationship. In addition to meeting with government officials, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon had opportunities to hold dialogues with representatives of private sectors, students and academia, youths, opinion leaders, mass media, and members of political parties, where he emphasized the importance of the role played by Japan and the UN in order to tackle the problems the world is currently facing.

I would particularly like to note with appreciation the works of UNIC Tokyo on organizing as well as disseminating information on the visit of the Secretary General.

Mr. Chairman,

Considering the various global challenges the world faces today, I expect DPI, as the very organ which advocates for the works of the United Nations, to deploy further strategic operations and implement activities in a more efficient and transparent manner than ever before utilizing latest communication technology as appropriate.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate Japan's determination to continue our support to the Department of Public Information.

Thank you Mr. Chairman.

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